My art career started with painting large abstract oil paintings while in High School
in San Diego, California followed by some success with my assemblages of burlap,
plaster and oil paints on canvas. I earned a few credits at the San Francisco Art
Institute before moving to New York City where I spent 5 years taking advantage
of the thriving art scene. For a while, I had a storefront studio between Avenues B
and C in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

As life pressures began to exert themselves, I settled into a firefighting career
which brought me north to Brattleboro, VT and later I transferred to Nashua, NH
Fire Rescue. After a long and rewarding career as a firefighter, I retired from
Nashua Fire and now have the freedom to pursue my love of painting full time.

My connection with nature, mountaineering, travel and the environment always
drew me back to making art. Making visual images with shapes and colors helps
me uncover hidden things about myself , my relationship with others and the world
around me. I once dragged a painting behind my car to give it a ‘worn’ look. Trying
unconventional methods of creation sometimes turn into new techniques which
ultimately help me communicate and express my thoughts through my art.

I like to use a variety of mediums including but not limited to texture, stencils,
sewn on items, stick on items and acrylic gels and colors. I pour, drip, spray and
brush colors onto the surface in various ways to call attention to the unique details
that represent each piece I am working on. Sometimes I set an intention before I
begin  a new piece, yet often I don’t know what it truly is until sometime after it is
completed. I have dedicated the past 11 years to pursuing my art full time. Nashua,
NH is home to my personal studio space where I have been afforded the opportunity
to learn and grow as I create genuine pieces from the heart and mind.